So, once again, it’s the data falsifiers who are doing all the screaming that the data has been falsified…!


The Real Climate Controversy

By Mark Boslough
Albuquerque physicist

Global warming is occurring. It is caused by human activities. Both the theoretical basis (fundamental laws of physics) and observational evidence for warming are incontrovertible. The first decade of this century was the warmest ever recorded in human history, just as the models predicted. The current decade will almost certainly be warmer.

But it’s not just the atmosphere that is heating. Ice is melting at an accelerating rate, and sea level is rising. Weather patterns are changing as the atmosphere and oceans adjust their flow in response to the warming. These phenomena were all predicted. They have been independently verified many times, using many methods, by researchers throughout the world. The successful predictions of global warming theory represent a major scientific achievement.

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