Sequoia sues to halt NYC’s deal with ES&S

Sequoia is now called “Dominion.” (That’s comforting, isn’t it?)


From Bo Lipari:

In a surprise move, Dominion Voting Systems has filed an Article 78 lawsuit in New York State Supreme Court in Albany to stop the New York City Board of Elections from awarding a $70 million dollar contract for new voting machines to ES&S. If a temporary restraining order is granted, it would call into question the city’s ability to deploy new voting systems in the 2010 elections, a schedule already in jeopardy due to the City Board of Election’s long delay in selecting new systems. The competition between the two companies for the New York City contract was intense, and has raised questions of lobbyist influence, possible investigations, and even subpoenas…

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Also, a new image of the week. I’m tired of winter too, but the sunsets can be so darn pretty:

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