Right uses new media to lay the groundwork for election “victories”

New media help conservatives get their anti-Obama message out
By Jerry Markon

In November, the morning after Election Day, a conservative
blogger in Georgia blasted an e-mail to 65,000 people.

Erick Erickson’s 5 a.m. “Morning Briefing” seemed
counterintuitive — the election of a Democrat to a U.S.
House seat in Upstate New York held by Republicans for more
than a century, he wrote, was “a huge win for conservatives.”

Yet the missive immediately was posted online by the
conservative publication Human Events, a corporate sibling of
Erickson’s blog, RedState. It next reached the Web site of
the American Spectator magazine, whose publisher, Alfred S.
Regnery, sits on the board of the conservative publishing
house that owns RedState and Human Events.

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