NYTimes won’t retract its false reports on ACORN “pimp” story

Times Public Editor Won’t Urge Retraction for Multiple Erroneous Reports on False ACORN ‘Pimp’ Story
by Brad Friedman

Despite repeated confirmation that the ‘paper of record’ was wrong, Clark Hoyt declines to recommend retractions

Describes O’Keefe as ‘journalistically unethical’, but recommends only that editors avoid ‘dressed as pimp’ language in future coverage…

The New York Times’ independent Public Editor, Clark Hoyt, after sending me an email originally standing by the paper’s misreporting of the James O’Keefe ACORN ‘pimp’ story, now describes the rightwing activists misrepresentation of his highly-edited and heavily-overdubbed hit videos as “journalistically unethical”.

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