Motion to Amend (HELP OUT)

“[T]he Court’s opinion is thus a rejection of the common sense of the American people, who have recognized a need to prevent corporations from undermining self government since the founding …”
~ John Paul Stevens, dissent, Citizens United vs. FEC

Dear Mark,
Thank you for joining with more than 55,000 concerned individuals in signing the Motion to Amend. You’ve spoken common sense -corporations are not people! And it will take nothing short of constitutional amendment to take back the rights that the courts have granted to these fictitious “persons.”
But signatures are just a start. Amending the constitution is a movement-driven job.
  • We need to build our movement beyond the web.
  • We need to go out city to city, group to group, neighbor to neighbor.
  • We need to educate and organize.

You are the foundation of a growing movement. We’re here to help. But we need your leadership.
We’re asking that you give what you can to help us-and you-get the message out:
From support for speakers’ tours to street actions, from making the website more interactive to coordinating legal research, your donation will help us connect supporters with one another, build local and state organization, and shape popular outrage into nationally coordinated action.
Help us raise $50,000 to turn our country toward real democracy. Contribute online here, or send your contribution to Liberty Tree Foundation, Attn: Move to Amend, P.O. Box 260217, Madison, Wisconsin 53726-0217. Please put “Move to Amend” in the memo blank.
Supporters of the Citizens United decision are already rolling out all sorts of arguments to downplay its impact, saying more money won’t make that much difference, or that voters won’t be swayed by more political advertising. Meanwhile, Citizens United has already begun to be cited in attempts to overturn campaign finance and even clean elections laws across the country.
We can’t sit and watch corporations “undermine self-government,” and we won’t, if we can build a strong grassroots movement to:
  • Take back personhood rights from corporations,
  • Guarantee the right to vote, and
  • Protect the exercise of local democracy in our communities.
Your early support of the Motion to Amend was critical and deeply appreciated! Now take one more step and keep the momentum going with as generous a tax-deductible donation as you can.

Thank you!
David Cobb,George Friday, Lisa Graves, Ben Manski, and Riki Ott
Executive Committee of Move to Amend: The Campaign to Legalize Democracy

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