More on O’Keefe’s neo-Nazi ties (Max Blumenthal)

O’Keefe Contradicts Breitbart, A Source Details O’Keefe’s Role In White Supremacist Confab
On 02.04.10, By Max

Previously I reported that right-wing prankster James O’Keefe attended a white nationalist gathering in
2006 that featured speakers known for the racist ideology they have proudly espoused: Jared Taylor and John Derbyshire. I called O’Keefe’s lawyer for a comment but neither he nor O’Keefe would respond. O’Keefe has subsequently admitted that he participated in the event. According to an otherwise fact-challenged post on Breitbart, the website that has paid O’Keefe, O’Keefe said that he “attended the event with many of his Leadership Institute co-workers since it was right across the street from their building in Arlington, Va.,
and it was organized by other LI associates.”

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