MCM may have to call it quits

Friends, the economic crisis is now threatening News from Underground, which I may have to shut down at the end of March. I’ve just learned that the angel who’s been paying the bulk of my (quite modest) expenses can no longer do it past next month.

And so I must now turn to you. If you and others can help us out, we’ll keep on posting, daily items of the sort that you won’t find elsewhere. If enough of this blog’s visitors can donate just a very little bit–from one to five dollars–every month, we can keep going. (And larger contributions will, of course, be welcome, since not everybody on this list cannot afford to send a dime, in times like these.)

If you can help, the place to go is here:

Many warm thanks for your help. Let’s try to keep this service going.

Mark Crispin Miller

3 replies on “MCM may have to call it quits”

So sorry Mark to hear the news. ACLU lost it’s largest donor as well. There seems to be plenty of money being contributed to rightwing organizations but very little to progressive blogs like yours.

Hopefully you will get enough readers to chip in.

good luck

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