Let’s join the world in banning pesticides

New Policies Must Tackle Long-lasting Chemicals

Reduce the chemical soup contaminating our bodies and environment. Tell Congress to act. Sign the petition today.

This month, Congress will consider whether to protect the children of tomorrow from the chemicals of today.
Lawmakers need to hear now from people who believe it’s high time to take action on toxic chemicals that linger in the environment, build up in our bodies, and are passed to the next generation.
Take Action┬╗
Tell Congress that infants deserve to start their lives free of dangerous pollutants. Persistent, bioaccumulative toxins (PBTs) must be a priority in any effort to reform our national chemical laws. Sign the petition by February 17th, and we’ll deliver it before the Congressional hearing on the topic later this month.
A chemical soup of long-lasting substances like DDT, PCBs and PBDEs has contaminated our environment and our bodies for decades. Most of the global community recognized years ago that these persistent chemicals pose a threat to current and future generations around the world. That’s why 169 countries have adopted the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants, which targets this entire class of chemicals for worldwide phaseout.
As you may know, the U.S. has not yet ratified the Stockholm Convention. Giving EPA the authority to tackle PBTs here at home will bring us one step closer to joining this global effort, and will strengthen international efforts to protect current and future generations from these dangerous chemicals.
Sign the petition today┬╗ We’ll deliver it to Subcommittee Chair Bobby L Rush (D-IL) in time to make a difference at the Congressional hearing later this month.

Thank you for taking action.

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