Judicial activists deplore themselves

Having fought successfully to stack the Court with fierce judicial activists, these crackpots are now ramping up their fight against judicial activism.

Here–as if we needed it–is yet another prime example of the right’s mad projectivity, as when the closet cases rave against “the gay agenda,” election-riggers bellow about ACORN’s “voter fraud,” and on and on and on.


Conservative Judicial Group Moves into Crisis Mode

The Judicial Confirmation Network, which has been a significant conservative voice in recent Supreme Court confirmation battles, is expanding its mission and adding urgency to its name: from now on, you can call it the Judicial Crisis Network. It will take on state as well as federal judicial battles and the Department of Justice, and issues relating to limited government, a fair judiciary and the rule of law. It is keeping the same Web site.

The group launched in December 2004 and was a vocal advocate for Bush high court nominees John Roberts Jr. and Samuel Alito Jr., and a critic of Obama nominee Sonia Sotomayor. Its legal counsel Wendy Long was a frequent commentator on the confirmation debates. But the mission now is bigger.

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