How is Amy Bishop “brilliant”?

The media continues to describe Amy Bishop as “brilliant, but…” It’s therefore edifying to read through this meticulous analysis of Bishop’s academic contribution, which in no way indicates a “brilliant” mind.

It’s also edifying to see such formulas (e.g., “brilliant but erratic,” “brilliant but socially inept,” etc., etc.) pop up repeatedly, as the media’s labor pool keeps floating them regardless of their groundlessness–because they’re so damned easy, and appear to represent a kind of rational consensus, as everybody else is also using them.

Sure beats workin’!


Is Accused Murderer Dr. Amy Bishop An Academic Fraud, Delusional or Both?

Dr. Amy Bishop faces capital murder charges for three deaths when she reportedly opened fire during a
faculty meeting at the University of Alabama-Huntsville last Friday. Three other colleagues were also shot
and are hospitalized, at least two in critical condition. Early speculation says Dr. Bishop may have been motivated because she was reportedly denied tenure.

According to attorney and employment law expert Jayne Cucchiara, “tenure is the Holy Grail in academia.
It is perceived as a guarantee of job security. While tenured professors can be removed for cause, proving sufficient cause to discharge a tenured professor is almost always a very difficult burden to meet.”

“Most universities have a defined tenure application process,” employment lawyer Jayne Cucchiara explained. She said “the process typically begins with an application package prepared and submitted by a professor seeking tenure. The application package details teaching, research, publishing and institutional and community accomplishments that the tenure applicant believes warrant tenure. The tenure decision of the applicant’s Department Chair is generally given substantial deference when reviewed by a Dean level appointee in a university’s administration.”

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Thank you for bringing attention to this. Amy Bishop was an academic fraud and UAH should have fired her LAST YEAR when she submitted a paper that was “co-written” by her underage children who she claimed were here “employees” as a lab that never even existed.

Really decent article. One of the best I’ve read re. Bishop’s road to ‘no tenure.’
I teach at a university, and I know how difficult the process can be. It’s a humdinger of a ride, and it most definitely isnot for the faint of heart. When I saw the ‘fraud’ headline in this article, I thought that it would be a bashing of her credentials. I don’t see that after having read the article. Thanks.

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