GA governor, unelected, seeks “shake-up of state government”

Small wonder that Sonny Perdue should now be trying to turn elective posts into appointed ones, since he himself was not elected in the first place (back in 2002). Perdue “won” on the same day that Saxby Chambliss “beat” Sen. Max Cleland–and it was just as big an “upset,” and just as inexplicable, as Chambliss’s “victory.”

At the time, the line was that Perdue had “beaten” Gov. Roy Barnes because the latter had removed the Stars ‘n Bars from the state flag, infuriating Georgia’s whites. This was the sheerest speculation: “It was a hidden grudge, so private, apparently, that no polls picked it up,” wrote the New York Times’s Jeffrey Gittelman* (without irony, of course).

As has been reconfirmed long since by several sources on the record, those “upset victories” on that Election Day in Georgia had been preceded by the covert placement of illegal software patches on the e-voting machines in two Democratic-leaning counties. That operation had been personally supervised by Bob Urosevich, then-president of Diebold’s voting machine division.

And now that Diebold will be gobbled up by ES&S, and the latter will be in full control of Georgia’s electronic vote, you can rest assured that “Gov.” Perdue’s “major restructuring of state government” will be approved without a hitch when the “question” is “put to voters this fall.”


* “The 2002 Elections: Georgia; An Old Battle Flag Helps Bring Down a Governor

Perdue seeks a shake-up of state government
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