Fourth-graders get an FBI curriculum

Spooks in the Classroom

Fourth Graders Get FBI Curriculum while music, arts and critical thinking are cut from public schools
According to the Detroit News:

It typically takes 22 weeks of training to become an FBI agent. Fourth-graders at Green Elementary will become “junior special agents” in just eight weeks. Once a week, a representative from the Macomb County FBI will visit with students to talk about various aspects of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, including evidence collection, gun safety and bombs. Students will also learn about drugs, gangs and computer safety. For students, an 8-week peek into agent’s job Williams, Candice, (1/20/2010)The Detroit News Elementary

Sure, and they will also learn how to become enamored with authoritarianism, how to supply information on fellow schoolmates and how to prepare for the coming police state. They will be introduced early to the regimentation of daily life and the new ‘war on youth’ that is now taking over our country. Made into little ‘confidential informants’ they will be encouraged to see others as suspects and their role as ‘agents for democracy’.

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