For the debt-collection industry, Scott Brown’s the one!

Debt-Collection Industry Helped Pave the Way for Scott Brown’s Victory in Massachusetts

Debt collectors are near the top of our list of public enemies here at Legal Schnauzer. And they should be near the top of all progressives’ lists now that we know debt collectors played a prominent role in Republican Scott Brown’s victory for Ted Kennedy’s U.S. Senate seat in Massachusetts.

We have written extensively about the dirtbags that seem to run rampant in the debt-collection field. My wife and I have filed a lawsuit against unethical debt collectors, and that case almost certainly caused someone with connections to the debt-collection business to cheat my wife out of her job at Infinity Property & Casualty. Evidence increasingly suggests that debt collectors played a role in my unlawful termination at UAB.

But now we learn that debt collectors don’t just try to defraud individual consumers. They also are fighting against consumer-protection initiatives–and health-care reform–across the country. That’s why they pulled out all the stops to help elect Scott Brown.

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