FBI’s “case” is full of holes

Here is Dr. Meryl Nass’s analysis of the FBI report asserting that Bruce Ivins–whom
she knew–was the (only) culprit in the anthrax attacks. As she notes, the report includes
a disparaging reference to herself. She addresses that, along with numerous omissions and
untruths throughout the document: flaws that go unmentioned in the mainstream coverage.


FBI: CASE CLOSED (and Ivins did it)
by Meryl Nass

But the FBI’s report was released on Friday afternoon… which means the FBI anticipated doubt
and ridicule. And the National Academy of Science (NAS) is several months away from issuing
its report on the microbial forensics, suggesting a) asking NAS to investigate the FBI’s science
was just a charade to placate Congress, and/or b) NAS’ investigation might be uncovering things
the FBI would prefer to bury, so FBI decided to preempt the NAS panel’s report.

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