Dick Cheney brags about his crimes

Cheney has–just like Karl Rove–been acting like a made man since the election.

Would he (they) do this without clear assurances that there will be no prosecutions by Obama’s team?

An alternate headline for this piece: “Does Eric Holder Want to Enforce the Law?”


Does Dick Cheney Want to be Prosecuted?
By Scott Horton

After he was indicted for the murder of Alexander Hamilton, vice president Aaron Burr fled to South Carolina, to hide out with his daughter. Another vice president, Spiro Agnew, kept completely silent before pleading nolo contendere on corruption charges. Former vice president Dick Cheney, on the other hand, seems proud of his criminal misadventures. On Sunday, he took to the airwaves to brag about them.

“I was a big supporter of waterboarding,” Cheney said in an appearance on ABC’s This Week on Sunday. He went on to explain that Justice Department lawyers had been instructed to write legal opinions to cover the use of this and other torture techniques after the White House had settled on them.

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1 reply on “Dick Cheney brags about his crimes”

Sounds like the scene from A Few Good Men, doesn’t it?

He’s Jack Nicolson and doesn’t even need to be tricked by Tom Cruise into confessing that it’s his right to waterboard, and then goes on to publicly proclaim that the American citizens “can’t handle the truth!”

Thanks, Mark.

Please don’t go.


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