Congress must nail Judge Mark Fuller!

From Andrew Kreig, an urgent piece by John Caylor, an investigative reporter in Alabama.


Congress Must Impeach Siegelman’s Judge Mark Fuller:
This Will Save Our Country, Not Just One Man
by John Burt Caylor

The Obama Justice Department lost any credibility in November by opposing Supreme Court review of former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman’s 2006 conviction on the bogus corruption charges that authorities filed against him during the Bush era.

Under President Obama, Bush holdovers are still helping Siegelman’s corrupt trial judge Mark Fuller cover up a massive conspiracy by rogue federal prosecutors and Karl Rove, whose diabolical schemes to corrupt Alabama politics pre-dated his Bush White House jobs.

You’re about to read my eye-witness account of a real-life John Grisham novel about my hometown of Enterprise, Alabama. I share that hometown with Mark Fuller, whose father and mine comprised part of the notorious Dixie Mafia whose drug-running, arms-smuggling and gambling operations play a huge role in the state’s politics and economy.

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