Brother Jeb is looming…

Someone at the Miami Herald clearly has a weakness (some dare call it a hard-on) for Jeb Bush,
or this piece never would have run. “Some think he’s looking presidential,” claims the headline.
And who exactly is that “some”? The wife of a Republican state senator, John Thrasher (or so
John Thrasher says).

The point here, though, is not that the Miami Herald has produced a little puff piece on the
former governor, but (a) that that former governor–the man whose daddy always wanted
him to be “elected” president–is angling for the Oval Office; and (b) that he has most of
what he needs to steal the White House in 2012, just like his brother did two times before.

All this Bush needs is the blessing, and commitment, of the Christianist far right; and he shouldn’t
have much trouble getting it.

After that, it ought to be a cakewalk to the White House, as long as nearly all the votes get
“counted” by ES&S (without a peep of protest from Obama or his party).


Jeb Bush is back, and some think he’s looking presidential
Beth Reinhard
Miami Herald

MIAMI – When Jeb Bush left office four years ago, his public appearances were as scarce as bi-partisan man hugs.

He didn’t want to upstage his successor in the governor’s mansion nor his brother in the White House. Instead, he quietly cashed in by joining corporate boards and an elite speakers bureau, penned policy essays and gave infrequent interviews to conservative media.

But in recent months, as the Republican Party of Florida has grappled with a leadership vacuum, Bush’s political profile has grown as fast as the national deficit.

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