Victory in Statesboro! Now help us win in the Senate….

Dear Mark:

Victory in Statesboro!

The challenges to student votes were withdrawn – but Voter Caging
remains legal.

Call your Senators at
TODAY – before Congress leaves for recess!

Yesterday, Bulloch County officials notified Georgia Election
Protection leader Charles Lester about the withdrawal of all
challenges against student voters in Statesboro, Georgia!

The challenges were withdrawn, but the problem remains: Statesboro
Citizens for Good Government, a group of only four Statesboro
residents, were able to effectively suppress student turnout.
According to the Associated Press, more than 60% of the challenged
voters did not show up at the polls.

The Caging Prohibition Act would make these blanket challenges
illegal. Call your Senator at 1-866-459-1220 and tell them to pass
the bill as soon as possible!

It’s easy – just call our Hotline at 1-866-459-1220:

1. Enter your zip code, and we will connect you to your Senators.
Congress will be leaving for recess Friday afternoon – make sure they
hear from you today!

2. Tell the staffer who answers your call that:

As a constituent, I care about free and fair elections, and stand
firmly against unfair practices that suppress voters – like “voter

I have heard about a recent instance of voter caging in Statesboro,
GA that unfairly blocked and discouraged hundreds of student votes,
and I am deeply concerned.

Voter caging has gone on for too long. That’s why I support new
legislation, introduced by Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, called the
Caging Prohibition Act of 2007. We must act now to protect voters
ahead the 2008 elections.
3. Tell us how your call went!
Click here to let us know if you got through to your representatives.

At least 600 of the challenged students did not even cast their
ballots. Voter caging and other unfair practices succeed in
intimidating and discouraging voters from even showing up at the

The Caging Prohibition Act is an important step toward fair
elections. Only a critical mass will make this a legislative priority!

Thank you for voicing your support for the students in Statesboro,
and voters across the country.

Jonah Goldman

National Campaign for Fair Elections
Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law

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