From Larisa A.:

If you throw into the mix the chaos in Iraq spawned from the
Cheney-Rumsfeld doctrine of world domination; the rise of Russia and
China as a serious double threat; the rise of Hamas in Israel; the al
Qaeda build-up (thanks to the Iraq war) in Pakistan; the Taliban’s
rise in Afghanistan (also thanks to the Iraq war); the falling
dollar; and the rise in oil prices, Bush’s war of terror has left
behind it a truly breathtaking legacy of barbarism and destruction.

If US enemies wanted to destroy the United States, they could not
have done better than to install the Bush-Cheney regime at the helm
of this once great nation. Should our economy miraculously survive
this crisis, we will still be a failed state, crippled by corruption
and greed, taken over by large corporations, with no allies in the
world, save Poland (don’t forget Poland).

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