Team Hillary replies to News from Underground!

Team Hillary replies to News from Underground!

In response to “CNN dumbs down the questions“,

vote for hillary online wrote:

This is nothing but yet another reason to attack and smear Hillary.
I actually thought it was a pretty valid question.

MCM replied:

Great talking point. Good work, “vote for hillary online”!

Aside from spin, what exactly are you doing to make sure Hillary
doesn’t end up illegitimately “losing” on Election Day? How, for
example, do you plan to deal with the e-voting machines? What
about the Repub plot to halve CA’s electoral vote? And the DoJ’s
voter purges that are going on all over America RIGHT NOW?

Do you plan to put these problems in the public eye, and thereby
help improve the nation’s voting system with the people’s help?

Or do you plan to play some inside baseball to prevent or override
the other party’s fraud?

Or will you not do anything, assuming that your candidate will
somehow rise above such problems on Election Day? (That’s what
the Gore and Kerry campaigns both assumed.)

I’ll tell you what: If she opts either for the second or the third of
those alternatives, Hillary deserves to lose, regardless of how vile
a thug she finally runs against.

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