Rudy lies about his prostate

which didn’t kill him, thanks to the sort of group health plan that he so colorfully condemned as “socialized medicine.”

Rudy’s bogus healthcare stats
Giuliani claims he might not have survived prostate cancer under “socialized medicine,” yet he was covered by a government-provided plan.
By Joe Conason
Nov. 02, 2007

To a politician pandering to his party’s right wing, a role that Rudolph Giuliani plays every day now, citing his own recovery from prostate cancer as an argument against “socialized medicine” must have seemed like pure genius. The radio ad that went up this week in New Hampshire suggests that Giuliani not only faced down the 9/11 terrorists — or something like that — but triumphed over a terrifying disease as well, without the help of any government bureaucrats.

Or as Giuliani himself says in the controversial ad: “I had prostate cancer five, six years ago. My chance of surviving cancer — and thank God I was cured of it — in the United States: 82 percent. My chances of surviving prostate cancer in England: only 44 percent under socialized medicine.”

Yes, it’s another inspiring and instructive story — or would be, perhaps, if only it were true.

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