Praise for Edwards' use of public funding

(And, of course, there’s also Dennis Kucinich.–MCM)

From Linda Starr:

John Edwards is using public funding. This guy [Ken] never even
mentions that fact, or that he is a big advocate for campaign finance

From C. Bryan:

>Until the misconception or the 1886 lie that corporations are
>persons and that money equals free speech is reversed, I do not see
>how we can stop the influx of corporate funds. I am some what
>encouraged by John Edwards increasing his attack on the large
>corporations and the broken system in Washington. Maybe we have a
>new TR/FDR in the making, both railed against corporate power.
>Edwards is a product of this broken system, maybe his conscience is
>pushing him to change it? To rail against the machine is not going
>to win friends among those corporate donors, so doubt whether it is
>just rhetoric. I believe it is genuine and knowing the public is
>against the influx of corporate money, he jumping in front of the
>parade. It really is refreshing to hear a politician attack the
>corporate money machine, it gives me some hope.

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