"Pepper spray used more liberally on kids"

This doesn’t sound all that liberal to me…


Pepper spray used more liberally on kids, according to testimony

Texas Youth Commission, during court hearing, denies increased use is troublesome.

By Mike Ward
Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Incarcerated teenagers in the Texas Youth Commission system are
getting pepper-sprayed by guards when they refuse to follow routine
orders and while on suicide watch, not just when they pose a threat,
a Travis County court was told Monday.

The testimony by national corrections expert Steve Martin, who based
his account on a review of Youth Commission records, provided the
first public detail about what critics say is an escalation in the
use of chemical restraints inside state-run youth lockups.

After hearing more than two hours of testimony, state District Judge
Gisela Triana ordered Youth Commission officials and attorneys for
two youth advocacy groups, which sued the agency in September, to
reach agreement by Wednesday on a policy for when to use the spray,
something they have been unable to do for weeks.

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