Oops! DRE "ban" is in fact the HOLT BILL in disguise!

From Nancy Tobi:


This bill is just like that film Carrie – the bloody hand just shot up out of the ground to grab us again.

A very cursory look tells us it is nearly 100% word for word Holt re-engineered; only slightly modified. Almost not at all.

In fact, it looks like almost a complete clone, but the “ballot converter” language has been changed on page 7-8. The PDF doesn’t allow copy and paste for some reason, but they don’t talk about text conversion, ie, the means by which the requirement must be met. Now they just state the requirement outright:

“Ensures the entire process of ballot verification and vote casting is equipped for individuals with disabilities, including nonvisual and enhanced visual accessibility for the blind and visually impaired”

I don’t have the stomach to go back into the vile EAC VVSG II but I would not be surprised at all to learn that the language is exactly the same in those design specifications. So the means to achieve the requirement is already being spelled out by the EAC.

They are getting more crafty and smug in their foxholes.

Don’t let them.

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If we have learned anything in the past seven awful years, it is that those who would control elections never do yield to us. They just cynically change their approaches to achieve exactly the same ends.

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