More on US math and science education

From R. Miller:

Thanks for this interesting article. It’s the same false drumbeat as the one on how Social Security is going to go broke — yet there are so many kids now that colleges have to turn them away in droves. My friend who is on the admissions at Amherst said they could’ve taken an entire class from the rejects and they’d have fared well at the top tier school. The are a lot of kids out there! And well-educated, too.

From Ravina Daphtary:

I think this is true. From what I have heard, math and science education is improving steadily in
the US; what you described below is also prevalent in the proliferation of charter schools. I used
to work for one, and though I thought the freedom they enjoyed was a great strength, it also
allowed them to operate with absolutely no supervision which led to quite a few abuses of their freedom (and their students).

I do remember walking into a classroom once where a teacher was telling a student, “Every
time you tell a lie, baby Jesus cries.”

That was, i think, one of the highlights of my teaching career.

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