Let's SUE the makers of e-voting machinery!

Should Voting Machine Makers Be Sued Like Big Tobacco?
By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet
Posted on November 2, 2007, Printed on November 2, 2007

Voting machine manufacturers should be investigated by Congress and sued by state and local governments across America for knowingly selling defective products to taxpayers, a growing number of voting rights attorneys and activists are saying. If successful, these advocates say the legal action could lead to multimillion-dollar refunds.

“It is our view at Voter Action that this whole question must be brought to a new level,” said John Bonifaz, the group’s legal director. “It is akin to the scrutiny that finally was applied to the big tobacco companies, with respect to what they knew and when they knew the effects of the products that they were marketing.”

“A month ago, four citizens filed allegations with Arizona’s attorney general complaining about these issues,” said Jim March, a Black Box Voting board member and voting technology consultant, referring to a legal complaint that manufacturers sold uncertified electronic voting machines to Arizona counties. “If he does not respond in 60 days and does not file a suit, then we can file it.”

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The approach is perfectly reasonable. I just hope the courts are honest enough to rule on the facts rather than the interests of Republican politicians that have appointed so many judges.

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