How Cheney has his fun

How much do you suppose this outing cost (us)?
If only fish would scream, he’d gladly blast them by the barrelful.

Dick Cheney’s Sadistic Passion for Shooting Tame Animals

By Martha Rosenberg, AlterNet
Posted on November 14, 2007, Printed on November 14, 2007

While most people are lamenting the violence in Pakistan, Burma, Afghanistan and Iraq, apparently it’s not enough bloodshed for Vice President Dick Cheney.

Last month in a caravan of 15 sport utility vehicles and an ambulance — no jokes, please — Cheney made his way to Clove Valley Rod & Gun Club, about 70 miles north of New York City, near Poughkeepsie, for a day of controlled bloodletting.

Cheney landed at Stewart Air Force Base and took off the following day for the upscale gun club at a cost of $32,000 for local law enforcement officials who guarded his hotel, protected his motorcade and diverted school buses.

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