He's back

If they were going to fire him, he ought to have stayed fired.
In any case, this makes quite clear that there’s no shame in racism
(or anything else), if there’s a big enough profit to be made.


Why is Imus back in the game?

Los Angeles Times
November 18, 2007

He got $20 million, a vacation and a new contract.
What kind of punishment is that?

By Dave Zirin

After a nine-month vacation, radio shock jock Don Imus
will be back on the air in December. Perhaps you
thought that Imus’ comments calling the Rutgers
University women’s basketball team “nappy-headed hos”
would have rendered him untouchable — that at best he
would find a home in the outer banks of satellite

But no. Instead, the man who seamlessly blended wonkish
Beltway interviews with crude racist and sexist shock
jockery will be returning to his old life, this time
shaming the WABC airwaves in New York and, presumably,
being syndicated across the country. Imus’ punishment
in retrospect appears like a massage on the wrist: He
received a $20-million settlement from CBS for cutting
his contract short, he took a nine-month vacation, and
now he’s returning to commercial radio.

Time certainly hasn’t healed all wounds. Deepa Kumar, a
media studies professor at Rutgers, said to me
recently: “Imus’ return to radio exposes in no
uncertain terms how low the corporate media will sink
to make a profit. For students and faculty at Rutgers
who organized to get Imus fired from CBS Radio, this is
a slap in the face.”

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Grow up, you would think Imus said the worst thing in the world. I notice nobody is talking about rappers, what’s the problem here. We can’t forgive and move on, if forgive is the right word.It’s so silly, not the name calling, but the way everybody handled it. Out of fear, that’s how, we say something, can’t take it back, apoligize, it makes no difference. Bad news guys. Wake up alot of different nationalities out there. but african american’s seem to have the hold on sponsers, Mr. Sharpton, don’t agree

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