Hawaii moves toward "suspicionless" locker searches

Posted on: Friday, November 2, 2007

Hawaii school board
favors locker searches

By Loren Moreno
Advertiser Staff Writer

The state Board of Education last night moved a step closer toward approving a controversial proposal to allow suspicionless searches of student lockers on public school campuses solely at the discretion of principals and school administrators.

The board voted 11-1 to allow locker searches “with or without cause,” but added a clause that said searches may not be discriminatory.

The policy would take effect following public hearings and a final board vote and if approved by Gov. Linda Lingle.

Last night’s decision at the board’s meeting on Moloka’i reversed an earlier decision by a board committee to allow searches of student lockers only if there is suspicion of contraband, such as weapons or drugs.

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