Hannah Rosin to speak on Patrick Henry College


Come hear Hannah Rosin speak this Tuesday night, about her book God’s Harvard.
It’s about Patrick Henry College, a college that trains youthful
theocrats for leadership,
cultural and political, throughout the nation.


First Tuesdays Series:
Hanna Rosin

Tuesday, Dec 4th – 7:00 PM

McNally Robinson Bookstore
52 Prince St.
New York, NY

Author of God’s Harvard (Harcourt)

This monthly series hosted by author and activist Mark Crispin Miller
features authors whose books tackle political and public issues from
a stance outside the mainstream. Hanna Rosin’s book God’s Harvard is
an exploration of Patrick Henry College, a conservative Christian
college with a mission: to educate and train students to serve God
through “careers of public service and cultural influence.”

Patrick Henry boasts an impressive roster of students with the kind
of focus and ambition that could have gotten them admitted to Harvard
or Yale. Instead, they chose to attend Patrick Henry, where they are
trained to become the elite of the evangelical movement. Booklist has
called Rosin’s book “A captivating look at struggles within the
conservative movement,” while Newsweek writes that she approachs the
subject with “with compassion, avoiding the stereotyping that so
often characterizes books and articles about religious groups.” Join
us for an evening of discussion of a complex cultural, religious and
academic movement.

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