Fired US Attorneys going after Fredo

Fired Attorneys Build Case Against Gonzales
By Jason Leopold
t r u t h o u t | Report
Friday 16 November 2007

John McKay, the former US attorney for the Western District of
Washington, pieced together thousands of pages of internal Justice
Department (DOJ) emails released earlier this year, reviewed public
documents and pored through hundreds of pages of sworn testimony his
former boss, Alberto Gonzales, gave to Congress about the firings of
at least nine US attorneys last year.

McKay said evidence in the public record demonstrates the former
attorney general and his underlings may well have obstructed justice.

McKay was one of the nine US attorneys fired in December 2006 for
reasons that appear to be politically motivated. The DOJ’s inspector
general, Glenn Fine, is conducting an investigation to determine
whether Gonzales perjured himself before Congress or sought to
influence the testimony of Monica Goodling, the DOJ’s former White
House liaison who used a political litmus test to hire and fire
attorneys, and resigned in disgrace earlier this year. McKay said
that a special prosecutor should be appointed to further probe the
circumstances behind the US attorney firings if the inspector
general’s report determines federal laws may have been broken.

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