Dump e-voting machines in Ohio (and everywhere else)

From Paddy Shaffer:

Enclosed is an article from the Youngstown Vindicator. Attorney General Marc Dann is from
this area of the state of Ohio.

Mark Kovac, the reporter, writes for The Daily Recorder – Wooster OH, The Record Courier – Kent – Ravenna OH, The State Journal – Frankfort, Kentucky, The Daily Jeffersonian – Cambridge OH, Ashland Times Gazette – Ashland OH, and the Alliance Review – Alliance OH.

This is some of the coverage on the press conference from Nov. 21, 2007. Included
topics… “Quarantine that Machine”, hand counted paper ballots, concerns with voting machine
testing, and Teresa Blakely’s wise thoughts on how “Thousands of votes can be altered undetected by a few insiders or by outsiders if modems are used to transfer votes between precincts”… and more.

We are starting to plan the next press conference.

The link is here.

Autumn Blessings and Election Justice,

Paddy Shaffer

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