Download the "Longest Line"

On Election Day, 2004, election fraud was epidemic in Ohio (and throughout the nation). Would-be Democratic voters were impeded or disabled by the thousands,
especially (though not only) in the inner cities and in college towns.

Bush/Cheney’s drive to block the vote was particularly flagrant in Gambier, Ohio, home of Kenyon College. While student voters at nearby religious schools had quite an easy time of it, Kenyon’s students had to wait for hours and hours and hours. Those long lines sooned turned out to have been purposely created, through the deliberate under-supply of working e-voting machinery to the polling sites at Kenyon. (The same thing happened all throughout the state and nationwide.)

After the election, Kenyon students wrote up an account of what they went through on that day and very late into the night. It’s called The Longest Line. As it did not receive its due attention–and as we’re heading toward another presidential race–I offer it to you for download here.


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