Daughter of jailed governor

The permanent Republican majority: Daughter of jailed governor sees White House hand in her father’s fall
Larisa Alexandrovna
Published: Tuesday November 27, 2007

Part two of a Raw Story Investigates series on the architects and the execution of backroom Republican politics

In Part II of the RSI special investigation, The Permanent Republican Majority, the daughter of former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman sits down for an exclusive interview about the family’s ordeal and her father’s case.

To fully understand what the Don Siegelman case is about, please see “Part I – The Political Prisoner” of this series.

Throughout a week of phone and email discussions, Ms. Siegelman spoke and wrote about her father’s conviction and imprisonment on bribery and conspiracy charges and about the continued harassment of the family and those around them. The family home was broken into. Her father’s attorney had his office ransacked. Even the key whistleblower in the case – Dana Jill Simpson – had her house burned down and her car run off the road.

She maintained throughout all of these communications that Karl Rove – the former White House Chief of Staff – helped engineer her father’s fate with the help of two judges and two US Attorneys.

Indeed, Republican attorney and whistleblower Simpson testified that Bush-appointed Federal Judge Mark Fuller, who presided over Siegelman’s trial, was selected in advance by Alabama Republican operatives working in concert with the US Justice Department. That department was then headed by Alberto Gonzales, who has recently resigned in disgrace.

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Political corruption in Alabama has gotten out of control. Out of the Millions of dollars of Mississippi Choctaw money that Jack Abramoff and Michael Scanlon laundered and sent to AL. to defeat Siegelman’s Education Lottery in 1999, to elect Bob Riley in 2002 and for Riley to oppress the AL. Poarch Indians, “not a single person got investigated by the ABI or FBI under direction of the offices of the Alabama Attorney General or the U.S. Attorneys.”

Every article written on the 2002 Governors election verifies that the numbers published indicates that Electronic ballot stuffing was involved in Baldwin County to transfer votes from Siegelman to Riley. Siegelman was the winner that evening; however, Dan Gans (Riley’s hired voting machine software guru) said that Siegelman had too may votes in Bay Minette so during the night a voting adjustment was made that put Riley in the lead. I believe that Siegelman was blackmailed because he didn’t put up a fight when votes were swapped and the election was taken from him. No one knew why he conceded to Riley until the Judicial Committee released Attorney Jill Simpson‘s testimony this week. The Democratic Party issued petitions in all 67 counties asking for recounts (not all counties used optical scanning machines), but in Baldwin County in particular, they actually asked for a manual recount (of the paper ballots); however, Alabama Attorney General William Pryor ordered that throughout the state that all votes be sealed. He told the county canvassing boards that under penalty of law they did not have the authority to break the seals on the ballots and machines under section 17-9-31 of the constitution to do a recount. This 2002 election fraud didn’t get investigated by the ABI or FBI or the offices of the U.S. Attorneys or the Alabama Attorney General.

“What William Canary couldn’t control at the elections Leura Canary took care of in U.S. court”
U.S. Attorney Leura Canary brought the charges against Siegelman; she is married to Willian J. Canary (R) who has been a GOP operative at the highest levels since the late 80’s, a key Lieutenant to Karl Rove in Alabama court races in 1994, former Chief of Staff to the Republican National Committee, and National Field Director for the Bush/Quayle Campaign.
He was president and chief executive officer of the American Trucking Associations (ATA) in Washington, D.C., which represented more than 37,000 motor carriers before all branches of government. For Bill Canary taking care of Siegelman so Bob Riley could get elected governor in 2002 and 2006, Riley appointed and/or endorsed him to the following positions which allowed him to let his partner take over his Washington job and gives him a very comfortable yearly income:
-Boards of the Alabama Civil Justice Reform Committee
-Business Associations’ Tax Coalition,
-Chamber of Commerce Association of Alabama
-Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama
-Alabama Association of Automobile Manufacturers
-Alabama Technology Network
-Alabama Aerospace Industry Association.
-Governor’s Commission on Efficiency
-One of three lobbyists for Gov. Bob Riley to serve on a special task force for health insurance for public employees.
-Unemployment Compensation Reform Committee,

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