Christianists run wild with your tax dollars

Faith-Based Spending Goes Relatively Unchecked
By Thomas D. Williams_
t r u t h o u t | Report
Friday 23 November 2007

For the past six years, President George W. Bush’s administration
has spent billions of dollars to largely aid Christian faith-based
groups, in assisting prison inmates as well as the poor and
less-fortunate persons here and worldwide. Yet many experts and
investigators nationwide agree government controls auditing this
spending, or checking into whether the religious groups are illegally
using this federal funding to promote their faiths, are weak or

Federal funding of a host of non-faith-based social programs can
be critical in child or adult health, housing and other subsistence
aid to the poor or disadvantaged. However, with tight or even regular
federal budgets, waste in one program can adversely impact others.

Several inquiries and complaints dug up a host of systemic
dangers and violations of the rules and law resulting in questionable
or wasted spending.

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