Big Brother likes to taser you

Here’s yet another harrowing video–and this time the cop’s victim was no loud protester trying to make a scene, and not a troubled woman throwing a tantrum in an airport terminal, and not some dark-skinned person with a scary accent and/or Arabic surname. This time, the victim was a white guy with a decent job (apparently), a doting family and a nice big car; and he couldn’t have been more polite or rational in dealing with the cop who tasered him (from behind), cuffed him and drove off with him, on the basis of no provocation whatsoever.

Thus it’s happening already, just as it has always done, eventually, wherever fear has helped a government take over. Suddenly they’re not just going after those who fit the profile of the Enemy–those who “had it coming, after all,” and whose protests we therefore fail to hear. Now, suddenly, it’s you whom the police are beating up and dragging off to jail; and now your protests too make not the slightest difference.

Let me say that I don’t much admire the blogger’s gloss on all of this. It’s self-indulgent, and a bit pretentious; and I don’t see any point in jeering at the cop for his presumed illiteracy. The problem is far larger than that one man’s thuggery–which is now dangerous because there are so many other lowly cops out there just like him, thanks to the new ruling caste of thugs who’ve seized the White House, and the courts, and much of Congress. All these trigger-happy troopers have been carefully worked up against the rest of us, by Bush and Cheney, Roberts, Thomas and Scalia, Giuliani and the DoJ, FOX News, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and all the rest of them.

Meanwhile, the Democrats just sit there, merely diddling while the Constitution burns.


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