AT&T to block the vote?

This, friends, is an EMERGENCY!

If the Senate grants the telecom giants retroactive immunity,
AT&T will wield absolute and total power over the US election system.

Thus the party will be able to remain on top without the infamous
and highly complicated apparatus of e-voting systems now in place.
Instead, AT&T will be positioned to distort the outcome centrally.

This cannot be allowed.

So please read this piece through, and pass it on–and go to
this ACLU Website, which will allow you to contact the Senate.


The Fate of a Free Presidential Election
in 2008 May Now Depend on the Senate
Created 11/19/2007 – 10:24am

by Elliot D. Cohen

In 1972, Nixon’s burglars, all members of the Committee to Reelect
the President, had to risk breaking into Democratic National
Headquarters to try to gain an unfair election advantage for the GOP
over its Democratic opponent. Now, with Total Information Awareness
in place, the Bush White House may not even have to flip a switch to
have the Dems’ private e-mails and phone conversations delivered to
its doorstep. Unfortunately, this may only be the tip of the iceberg
for the fate of free elections in America if Congress decides to
grant legal status and retroactive immunity to this massive
surveillance and data mining operation conducted by giant telecoms on
behalf of the President.

Last week, the Senate Judiciary Committee failed to decide on
provisions of the FISA Amendments Act of 2007 that would grant
telecom corporations ironclad retroactive immunity against civil
suits and criminal prosecution for helping the Bush Administration
engage in systematic, widespread, warrantless surveillance and data
mining of the contents of both domestic and foreign phone and e-mail
messages of Americans since at least 2001, and possibly earlier.
Instead, the Committee sent two versions of the bill to the full
Senate, one of which granted retroactive immunity to telecoms and the
other of which did not. Now, the fate of Fourth Amendment protections
against unreasonable search and seizure — including its implications
for the future of free and fair elections in America — rests in the
hands of the Senate.

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