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Tue Nov 13th 2007, 09:39 AM

| Ernest Partridge |

“To Bush & Co…. we the people owe no more allegiance than a child owes to the criminal who stole her from her home and now abuses her while posing as her father.” — Mark Crispin Miller

Propaganda is a sprinter, but truth is a long-distance runner.

And at last, the truth may be overtaking the propaganda and the lies.

In the new edition of his riveting book, Fooled Again, Mark Crispin Miller describes a public groundswell that should have Bush, Cheney and the Busheviks very worried.

Truth, having been ground to earth, is rising again.

Despite compelling statistical, circumstantial, anecdotal and eyewitness evidence that two presidential and numerous congressional elections have been stolen, this evidence has been discounted, ignored and ridiculed by the mainstream media and, amazingly, by the victimized Democratic Party and its defeated candidates and even by some progressive publications.

Even so, a sizeable and growing portion of the American public isn’t buying the official and bi-partisan assurances that the US elections are, by and large, on the level, and that the Bush/Cheney regime is therefore legitimate. For example, an August, 2006 Zogby poll reports that only 45% of the population is “very confident” that Bush and Cheney won re-election “fair and square” in 2004. About a third were “not at all confident.”

In the “Afterword” to Fooled Again, comprising one hundred pages of new material, Miller chronicles the determined and persistent resistance of “official Democrats” to the very idea that they were the victims of massive election fraud. Astonishingly, progressive publications (yes, there are still a few), such as The Nation, Mother Jones, and the liberal websites, and, have all published caustic articles debunking thoroughly researched and scrupulously argued accusations of election fraud. Familiar ad hominem rebuttals are trotted out: “get over it,” “sore losers,” “conspiracy theorists.” Far more often, the fraud issue is denied even the dignity of mention and rebuttal. With the noteworthy exception of Catherine Crier and Lou Dobbs, the issue is virtually ignored on cable “news,” and, on network TV news, the embargo is total.

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Yeah, I read it. Same old nonsensical crapola. And Zogby’s polling practices have been sinking like a stone over the past couple of years. Circle-jerks prove nothing.


Most diabolically was hatched
The scheme, and as the whole world watched
Became undone, and disattached
From any starting motivation.

Then it was called a selfless good,
A pious act, so to intrude
Upon another´s neighborhood
So as to force a confrontation.

There wasn´t asking for permission
As it, an act of demolition,
Like cleared all states of inhibition
To set great travesty in motion.

Soon then was dropped the least pretense,
There was no claim to innocence,
As the Assault on Common Sense
Floundered as mired in mixed emotion.

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