"Uncounted: The New Math of American Elections"


Here is the latest about what’s going on with our documentary, UNCOUNTED: The New Math of American Elections (www.UncountedTheMovie.com). Please share this information with any people or groups you know that will have an interest.

First, our DVD RELEASE DATE is Tuesday, November 6 – one year before the 2008 presidential election. In addition to the film, the DVD has more than one hour of bonus footage, including extended interviews and scenes. We will send you a more formal announcement about our DVD release on November 6. For now, people can PRE-ORDER THE DVD AT: http://uncountedthemovie.com/order-the-dvd.html

Second, our THEATRICAL PREMIERE is Monday, November 12, at the historic Belcourt Theatre in Nashville. We are expecting a sellout crowd of nearly 400 people. The event is sponsored by Common Cause and Gathering to Save Our Democracy (the group Bernie Ellis founded). Here is a link to information about that event: http://www.belcourt.org/events?categories=Event&id=52372

Third, our film will be available for SCREENINGS nationwide beginning November 13. Many groups are already talking to us about featuring our film as the centerpiece for events to stir up interest in election integrity issues. I plan to make myself available as often as possible for followup Q&A sessions at these screenings. Please encourage interested people and groups you know to contact us to do a screening of UNCOUNTED in their community: http://uncountedthemovie.com/screenings.html – or they can just contact me directly at David@UncountedTheMovie.com.

Looking ahead, we are also in the initial stages of putting together a national screening tour during January & February – coinciding with the presidential primary elections in most of the 50 states. More about that later, as plans develop.

Finally, our TRAILER on YouTube has gotten plenty of attention – already more than 4,000 viewings in just a few weeks. Here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nJz09T0HME.

It is all very exciting to launch our film almost one year to the day before what might be our most important presidential election ever. We hope our film can help bring a new integrity to our election process – and, most importantly, to the 2008 presidential election. For more information about our film, people can visit our recently completed website at www.UncountedTheMovie.com.

Please forward this email to your lists and to anyone you think will have an interest in our film. Consider also posting our infomation on your website or with any discussion groups or blogs in which you participate.

Thanks so much for your support,


David Earnhardt
Producer, director & writer, UNCOUNTED

0 thoughts on “"Uncounted: The New Math of American Elections"”

  1. The number one related video to the trailer on youtube is a 9/11 conspiracy piece. I bet if I clicked around for 10 seconds more, I’d see “free Mumia” and “legalize marijuana.”

    This is why it’s very easy for people to dismiss allegations of election fraud.

  2. If I followed your logic, I’d believe there was nothing to listen to except Celine Dion or to read except Stephen King…

    Take some responsibility as a citizen and look below the surface. Obviously you’re thinking about it so dig a little deeper. The information is there.

  3. Thanks, Fox Mulder. I know the information is out there.

    My point was that if we want people (the media, the govt) to take election fraud seriously, we should take great pains to extract it from the litany of seemingly laughable conspiracy theories and “day-at-the-left” (to coin an MCM phrase) causes.

    Not sure how this fits in with Celine Dion or Stephen King.

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