"The liberal media" takes a dump on Gore's Nobel

After reading this, check out MediaBloodhound on how Gore’s Nobel was treated by The New York Times (whose disrespect, while hardly as egregious as the WashPost‘s, is still remarkable)

PUNKED BY THE POST! How many times do we liberals plan to get ourselves punked by the Post?

UNSTOPPABLE CLOWNING: Luckily, it’s now official: Al Gore, and the UN’s IPCC, have won the Nobel Peace Prize -Gore for the work on global warming which culminated with the Oscar winning film, An Inconvenient Truth. God bless the Norwegian committee, which said that Gore was “the single individual who has done most” to convince world governments and leaders that global climate change is for real.

And how perfect! Showing its unfailing sense of the parameters of modern multimillionaire comedy, the Washington Post has Gore’s film out on the front page this morning:

“Al Gore’s Film Has 9 Errors, British Judge Rules in Suit.” That’s the headline on page one, promoting this news report, filed from London by Mary Jordan. How utterly silly -how stupid -is this front-page promotion? Let’s put it this way: According to Nexis, even the kooky-con Washington Times has barely bothered with the trivial nonsense the Post promotes on its front page today. Yesterday, Greg Pierce gave it five short paragraphs in his daily “Inside Politics” column -and no, it wasn’t even his lead item. But when a possibly daft British judge settled a silly school board complaint, the Post rattled Jordan out of her bed, then pimped her story on page one. By the way, when you read Jordan’s report, you will perhaps note two things. She doesn’t make the slightest attempt to say of the judge is right or wrong about the nine “errors” he thinks he has found. More specifically, you’ll note that she hasn’t asked any actual scientist to comment on the things the judge said.

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