Save the US, with a Voters' Bill of Rights!

From Hutch:
“We citizens of the United States believe democracy is the foundation of our country. Our nation is in a state of crisis. Democracy stolen by vote theft, an administration dedicated to mongering war, abusing rights here and around the world, neglecting human needs, the list is endlesss. What’s to be done, what’re we going to do about it? A police state is emerging, we have an obligation to stop it, save democracy and restore justice. We must build a society of decency and dignity for all people, one in which every person is respected and afforded a life of fulfillment. That’s the American way, and the time to save our country is now. We’re beyond the Republican Party and the Democratic Party now. They’re not working.”

OpEd News – Declaration of Crisis – A Call to Act Now to Save Our United States
OpEd News – Declaration of Crisis – A Call for a Voters’ Bill of Rights



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