Ohio to help overseas voters

Ohio part of online project to help overseas voters
Ohio is one of three states participating in a pilot project designed to make it easier for members of the military and others living overseas to access voting information online.

Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner is working with the Pew Charitable Trust and Overseas Vote Foundation and plans to include a link on her Web site to what is being billed as a user-friendly system to automate the process for registering to vote, requesting absentee ballots and finding voting information.

Brunner previously had expressed interest in the project and traveled to Washington, D.C., last week to participate in a news conference with the state secretaries in Alabama and Minnesota to announce the initiative.

The Web site, overseasvotefoundation.org, prompts voters for information relevant to their home states and generates a printout when needed for mailing back to the United States.
The Overseas Vote Foundation is allowing the three states to license its software for customized use.

There’s no reliable estimate of how many Ohio voters are overseas, but the project should help track them, Brunner’s office said.

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I wonder what people think about this. I went into the website and it looks really easy to register to vote. If I lived overseas that could be good.

So why is this so easy, and yet if you are walking around in Ohio with a clip board in the inter-city of town A, but you are from town B, that you must be registered to register voters in town A, and you must turn those forms in with all kinds of rules (and legal threats for if you do it wrong), and you can’t just give them back to your organization that you were helping to register voters for that they can turn them in as a group and know how many they got statewide at one time.

Will these records be able to be audited from the overseasvotefoundation.org? Or will they be property of that organization? Just wondering… I hope it is all for good.

Paddy Shaffer
Founder, The Ohio Election Justice Campaign

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