Minority voters don't get old, says DoJ Voting Rights chief

This is a stunner, just in from BradBlog. Also, check out Brad’s interview with the great Steve Freeman.
VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: DoJ Voting Rights Chief Says ‘It’s a Shame’ Elderly May be Disenfranchised by Photo ID Laws, But Minority Voters ‘Don’t Become Elderly, They Die First’

Incredibly, John Tanner Argues Restrictive Photo ID Laws at the Polls Actually Give Minorities a Greater Voice!
Rest of Panel, Audience Members at 2007 National Latino Congresso in Los Angeles Strongly Disagree with DoJ’s John Tanner…

— Guest Blogged by Alan Breslauer

Incredibly, the Chief of the Voting Section of the Civil Rights Division, U.S. Department of Justice, John Tanner, contends that while it’s “a shame” that elderly voters may be disenfranchised by new Photo ID restrictions at the polls because many don’t have driver’s licenses, minorities don’t have to worry quite as much. Why? Because “minorities don’t become elderly the way white people do. They die first.”

Yes, that’s what Tanner said last Friday at the National Latino Congreso in Los Angeles and The BRAD BLOG was in tow with video camera to prove it….



How Bush Deceived America, Congress – and Even the Supreme Court – on His Pro-Torture Policies
NY Times Investigative Report Details Secret Efforts to Allow Administration to Continue Torture Policies
– No Matter What
VIDEO BONUS: Daily Show’s Jon Stewart Interviews Jack Goldsmith, Who Tried to Fight Back
From Within the DoJ…
While folks may have heard about the New York Times report last week concerning the secret DoJ memos created to give legal cover to the Administration to continue their policies of torturing prisoners of war, we suspect that most have not read the full, detailed 5-page investigative report.

But it’s an important one, and it details the lengths to which the Bush team went to keep their pro-torture policies in place, even in the face of a DoJ rebellion, Congressional legislation, and even Supreme Court decisions.

In short, secret machinations and politicization at the DoJ, meant that Bush knew he’d be able to continue with torture as usual, even when he signed the Detainee Treatment Act in December 2005, meant to ban the “cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment” of prisoners in American custody.

The NYTimes story included an excellent sidebar graphic summarizing the timeline and main beats in the “Interrogation Wars” from DoJ to the White House to Congress to the Supreme Court. Since the graphic is too wide to easily run on most blogs, we’ve recreated the short, easy to read timeline in text format below. We’d strongly suggest, if nothing else, you familiarize yourself with it so you understand, in simple terms, the con game that has been played out here by this Administration.

As a bonus, we’ve also got the video from last Thursday Daily Show with John Stewart in which he interviews Jack Goldsmith, once the head of the DoJ’s Office of Legal Counsel, and the man who fought back, along with Dep. AG James Comey, against the outrageous and unprecedented policies…


VIDEO INTERVIEW EXCLUSIVE: Steve Freeman, Author Of ‘Was The 2004 Presidential Election Stolen?’ Says Explanations of the Exit Polls Still Fail to Support Contention That Bush Won in Either Ohio or the Rest of America
University of Penn. Professor on Electronic Voting: ‘If you haven’t looked into this, it is worse than you can possibly imagine’…

— Guest Blogged by Alan Breslauer
EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: http://www.bradblog.com/?p=5143

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