Mimi Kennedy on "Voice of the Voters"

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Mimi Kennedy, Actress and Chair of
Progressive Democrats of America
“In the process of my work, I have found that we really are in danger of
losing Democracy in the United States.”
Wednesday Night on
“Voice of the Voters”
Electronic Voting Activist, Andi Novick will discuss actions citizens can take to reclaim the integrity of our vote.
Wednesday, October 24
8pm ET 1360 AM and on the Internet
As always, John Gideon, Executive Director of Voters Unite will provide a report on key breaking voting news, with commentary.
Voice of the Voters is an hour devoted to voting rights, election reform and voter-verified paper ballots. Ultimately it is an exploration of Representative Democracy itself and the responsibilities of citizens and their elected representatives. It airs every Wednesday night at 8:00 PM ET on 1360 AM and on the Internet. (http://wnjc.duxpond.com/)
Note: If you use dial up internet, it is best to turn off all other programs in order to receive clearest broadcast.
Listeners can call in questions live at 856-227-1360 and submit questions in advance at the SaveOurVote website.
Voice of the Voters now also available as a podcast at iTunes.com under “Voice of the Voters” in the News & Politics category
Archived shows are available at http://mysite.verizon.net/resq4lzq/cvi/id267.html. Click here.
Listener call-in number: 856-227-1360
Voice of the Voters is Heard on
1360 AM, Philadelphia’s Renaissance Radio,
and the Internet (http://wnjc.duxpond.com/ )
Wednesday, October 24 — 8PM ET
(archives, podcast; recent shows)
Coalition for Voting Integrity

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