Let's push Gore to let us re-elect him

It’s a step that could help push the issue of election fraud into the spotlight (at long last), as Gore might be more willing to discuss it openly than those Dems in the running now.
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I have watched the www.draftgore.com petition grow close to 4,000 signatures in a little over 2 hours this morning. You have a massive email base. Please encourage your readers to go to the site and sign on. Let’s get this wave of support to make the news.

Over 155,000 signatures so far but what was amazing is that they are coming in at around 1, every 2 seconds. (check it out). Can you imagine if they picked up some more speed? Please send the message out to all your contacts. We desperately need this Statesman to save our planet and America.
Melanie G.
Palm Beach, Florida

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