It's just so much Swiss CHEESE!

From Bruce O’Dell:

Quite impressive sounding to the technically naive; of course, you still have to take the computer’s word for it that it is “correctly” “using” quantum encryption technology.

In this case, the “man behind the curtain” of the quantum DRE is using some very impressive jargon indeed to assure his mark that he is, “trust me”, actually casting the vote as intended.

The reported applications of quantum encryption to date involve data that can in principle be independently verified by the issuer, in environments where there is also no credible adversarial-insider threat – reportedly, communications between the Pentagon and White House are secured with quantum cryptography.

Unfortunately, unlike phone calls from the Oval Office to the Pentagon, voting transactions not only need to be both private and anonymous, they are also perhaps the most irresistible target in history for insider manipulation.

If I can independently verify to myself after the fact how my own vote was cast, I can do so for others, and can sell my vote, or it can be coerced. So, as long as votes are private and anonymous – and until humans gain the magical ability to see qubits (or “quantum bits”) as they flow through the device – a very simple lie told by the “quantum voting device” user interface display would be, as for all DREs, all that would be needed to perpetrate systematic vote fraud.

Some of the more cynical colleagues in my profession like to say, “there’s a user born every minute”.


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