Hey, voters! Nedap is aiming at NEW YORK!

From Andi N.:

Re: [MCM] Netherlands bans e-voting machines!


People should know that this isn’t just something that happened in Holland. Not to distract from the significance of this victory- in which a democratic country has taken a stand against invisible vote counting machines- but seeing the handwriting on the wall, Nedap (the company who made the machines for Holland and for Ireland, which has also decided not to use these DREs because they’re so unsafe) is looking for a new venue to push its losing proposition. And we’re it!

New York is the focus of its effort and Nedap has chosen the name Liberty! behind which it will peddle its theft-enabling machines. Nedap’s machines may be too insecure for European democracies but the NYS Board of Elections is planning on spending our money testing Nedap’s machines (along with all the other vendors’ computers) for certification for New Yorkers! Sort of reminds me of Nestle’s taking the expired baby formula and dumping it in Africa. We’re the new Africa on this one.

Unless New Yorkers take the time to let their SBOE know that they’re aware that the Liberty DREs NY is considering purchasing for us have been rejected by two nations. The SBOE has not made it easy to communicate with them, but if people go to this site there’s a list of emails of people on the SBOE that need to know – we know- http://www.opednews.com/articles/opedne_andi_nov_070801_our_worst_nightmare_.htm .


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