Good news for Edwards = no news in the NYTimes

NY Times: Good News For Edwards Not Fit To Print
October 16, 2007 — 2:57 PM EST

Bad news for Edwards? Fit to print. Good news for Edwards? Not so much.

In recent months The New York Times has repeatedly reported that major unions were going to take a pass on the Presidential race, repeatedly suggesting that this was a blow to John Edwards, who’s courted labor most aggressively.

On July 31, for instance, the paper reported that unions were contemplating taking a pass on the primary, adding that this “would be particularly frustrating” to Edwards. On Sept. 26, the paper reported that the national Service Employees International Union would also not be making an endorsement, even though “Edwards has lobbied the union hard.” On October 9, the paper did another story on SEIU’s non-endorsement, adding that “Edwards had lobbied hardest for its endorsement.” The paper did a fourth story on labor non-endorsements, too.

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