DoJ stonewalling Office of Special Counsel

Attorney-Gate Probe to Continue Without Domenici
By Jason Leopold and Matt Renner
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Wednesday 17 October 2007

The White House’s Office of Special Counsel (OSC), which has been conducting its own investigation into the firing of at least eight US attorneys last year, has been unable to obtain documents from the Justice Department (DOJ) to advance its probe into the matter, three people with knowledge of the issue said on Tuesday.

The OSC sent a request to the DOJ several months ago seeking a wide-range of documents, including email correspondence between DOJ and White House officials who had discussed which US attorneys should be selected for dismissal. The OSC set a deadline for turning over the documents. However, the deadline has since passed and the DOJ has not formally responded to the OSC’s request, nor has the agency stated a reason it would not turn over documents. The OSC appears to have been particularly interested in obtaining documents from the DOJ surrounding the circumstances that led to Iglesias’s ouster, said individuals knowledgeable about the inner workings of the OSC probe.

A spokesperson for the DOJ did not return telephone calls or reply to emails seeking comment.

The Senate Ethics Committee will likely not conduct a formal investigation into the conduct of New Mexico Republican Sen. Pete Domenici. Domenici admitted calling David Iglesias, the state’s former US attorney, a few weeks before last November’s midterm election about the timing of an indictment against a popular Democratic official in the state who was the target of a corruption investigation, according to two people who work closely with the Senate Ethics Committee.”

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