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This has been a busy weekend. On October 27, 2007, John Russell and I went to the Peace Rally in Orlando, then he went to the annual Florida Democratic Party Convention. John won the Democratic primary and ran for Congress in Florida’s 5th district in 2006. He also developed evidence showing that the official election results were not accurate, and he caught the Florida Democratic Party’s chair on tape trying to explain why she was accepting lobbying money in a deal that had been arranged by a Republican lobbyist.

As a result, the FDP has decided to attack John, and when we went to the FDP annual convention on October 27, 2007, John was attacked physically and verbally and thrown out just after walking in. I caught most of it on video, but since I was the cameraman and I have been labeled a “danger to the public” by the Florida Bar, the FDP bloggers have taken to attacking John for associating with me.

Here are links to the Fascism in Fantasyland video and the St. Petersburg Times Buzz – Trouble in Paradise article and comments about John Russell being thrown out of the Democratic convention Please take a look and make a comment on the blog.


Mark A. Adams JD/MBA

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Fascism in Fantasyland

_On October 27, 2007, John Russell went to the Peace Rally in Orlando, then he went to the annual Florida Democratic Party Convention. After walking in the doors carrying signs promoting John Edwards for president and saying hello to Clint Curtis’ supporters who know John from his work on election reform, Mitch Kates rushes over, pushes John, and says, “Why are you here. You weren’t invited. You have to leave.”

Then, Mitch realizes that John has supporters with him and the camera is on, and Mitch takes his overly aggressive behavior down a couple of notches. John had been invited to the convention as he is a Democrat who has worked to help Democrats get elected for years and as he won the Party’s nomination for Florida’s district 5 Congressional seat in 2006.

However, this is not the first time that John has been told that he cannot attend a Democratic function. After John confirmed the Miami Herald’s reports that former Florida Republican Party chair, Al Cardenas, had arranged to provide lobbying fees for Florida Democratic Party chair, Karen Thurman, and after John had asked why the FDP leaders had not helped him and other anti-war Democrats get elected, John was informed that he was not allowed to attend the Pasco County Democratic Party’s fundraiser.

See the Tampa Tribune article – Dark Horse Raises Fist at Democrats

_Alison Morano, chair of the Pasco County Democratic Executive Committee, claims that the bar John from its fundraiser, and she is seen at the convention with Mitch Kates as he goes to throw John out of the convention. _ _FDP Communications Director Mark Bubriski told the Tampa Tribune that John showed up at FDP headquarters and started harassing staff, but you can judge for yourself after watching the video here:

_Here is video of John asking Karen Thurman about the Miami Herald article:

__For more information see_ _Michael Collins’ article, “Florida Citizens Versus Party Insiders,” _

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